It’s ironic that something that is meant to help your body can actually turn into something that harms your body. Inflammation is your body’s immune system’s response to injury, illness, or infection. During this response to fight off whatever is attacking you, your body produces white blood cells. However, if an immune response is triggered and there are no bad guys to fight off in your body, or the fight goes on for too long, then damage can actually occur to your tissues — causing pain, which is something you definitely do not want.

Lifewave’s X39 patches help to activate your body’s stem cells to prevent this from happening, or if it has already happened, to reduce the inflammation and the pain. Our patented phototherapy technology is designed to elevate a peptide that stimulates the body’s stem cells, causing an increase in healing. Not only will the pain decrease, but you will also recover faster. Stem cells are the building blocks of your body and help it to repair itself. As you age, these cells become less effective at their jobs, causing you problems. We invite you to try this revolutionary technology in our phototherapy patches as you watch your body repair itself like it did when you were younger. Order today!