Our bodies are well-oiled machines, designed to work efficiently and smoothly. When you were a kid, you probably could run whenever you want to, play all day long, go on long hikes in the woods, and climb up steep hills with no adverse effects. You’d wake up the next day and do it all over again.

As you age, your body just doesn’t recover as fast. Your muscles get sore when you use them in ways they are not used to being used, which makes you not want to do much at all until you’ve recovered. Sometimes you can be so sore that you swear off the activity altogether.

What if you could recover faster from exercise like you did when you were a kid? Lifewave X39 allows you to do just that. Our patented phototherapy technology helps to activate your stem cells so you can be reset to a younger, healthier state. This results in increased vitality and recovery, making you want to exercise even more. Lifewave X39 encourages stem cell activity in order to recover faster like you did when you were younger. Since this stem cell activity has naturally slowed down as you age, we want to kick start it into production once again.

Lifewave X39 uses phototherapy patches applied on certain areas of the body in order to stimulate stem cell production. Order yours online today!