Since 2002, LifeWave has offered phototherapy, nano-technology patch products to help people across the world.

This breakthrough in regenerative science has allowed people to activate their bodies’ natural healing systems, improving their overall wellbeing — and all of it comes from the LiveWave X39™, a phototherapy patch.

Most companies in the stem cell field have been studying ways to inject stem cells from younger donors into older recipients, but this method is potentially dangerous, incredibly expensive, and not yet legal in most countries. Instead, LifeWave was determined to find a way to use the stem cells we already have in our bodies.

We succeeded.

Our clients reported feeling better than they’ve felt in ages with our stem cell treatments. During clinical studies, patients stated that they:

  • Experienced more restful sleep
  • Noticed an improvement in their skin’s appearance
  • Felt as though they recovered faster from exercise
  • Saw a reduction in the appearance of scars
  • Had greater amounts of energy
  • Experienced rapid relief from pain in a matter of minutes from the application

At LifeWave, we believe in focusing on health and wellness to improve the lives of people across the country.

Science has finally found a way to access our stem cells and recharge them as if we were younger. Experience the difference for yourself by getting in touch with our team today. Order your phototherapy patches today!

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