If you’ve been working out for a while, you know the tired feeling where you feel like you are just dragging yourself to the gym. You’re only half present during your workout, and you leave feeling like you should have stayed home. You’re eating right. You’re getting good quality sleep. So what’s wrong?

Lifewave’s Y-Age Carnosine Patches may be just what you need to increase your sports performance. These phototherapy patches trap the infrared light that your body naturally emits throughout the day. Particular wavelengths of this light you are emitting are then reabsorbed back by your body. Hence, instead of having all this useful light energy escape your body, instead you are keeping it in. these lightwaves then stimulate your body to produce certain health benefits. Each of Lifewave’s phototherapy patches are designed to trap the particular wavelengths of lights that we are targeting, in this case, the wavelengths that will give you energy, and thus will increase your athletic performance.

Once your body’s cells receive this photolight energy, beta-oxidation occurs, which is basically energy production in your body’s cells. The energy given off is more than twice the energy that carbohydrates give off when burned for energy, giving you a healthy energy boost that can help decrease your lactate threshold and heart rate at your lactate threshold.


Lifewave knows that you are bombarded every day by products and services, promising to give you more energy, increase your athletic performance, lose weight, and stay healthy. It can be incredibly difficult to cipher through all this. Lifewave’s Y-Age Carnosine Patches are an all-natural alternative to the drugs being hocked everywhere you turn. Our photolight patches use your own body’s natural light to help increase your stamina and help improve your strength and flexibility so you can reach your fitness goals without dependence on a foreign substance. If you’re tired of being tired, try our photolight patches today!