New, Patented Phototherapy Patch Technology Activates Your Own Stem Cells

Stem cells have been shown to promote healing and natural wound repair within the body, but their effectiveness decreases over time. But what if we could “reset” these stem cells, allowing them to work like new again? Now, we can. Welcome to LifeWave, the phototherapy patch that allows you to activate your stem cells and provide support for your body.

Activate Your Stem Cells

As the years go on, our stem cells become less and less effective at healing our bodies. But what if we could activate these stem cells and reset them to a healthier, younger state? Well, we did it.
Our LifeWave X39™ has been clinically proven to boost both health and vitality within the body. With more than 20 years of development behind our phototherapy patches, we are confident that you will be able to experience the difference. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

We did it!

The LifeWave X39™ is clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Backed by multiple clinical studies and 20 years of development, the LifeWave X39™ phototherapy patch has been demonstrated to provide an abundance of health benefits.